After my boyfriend and I had our baby, we broke up. He had been seeing another girl and even got her pregnant at the same time I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe this and it was something I would never be able to get past. It wasn’t worth it to me because it was obviously not meant to be. We separated and ever since, haven’t been able to come to any agreements on child custody. He wants to keep our daughter on days that just don’t work for me. The other day I got a letter in the mail from his lawyer saying he wanted to change our custody arrangements again. I had enough at this point and started searching for Lexington law reviews so I could hire a child custody lawyer.

I went online and searched debtsteps Lexington law reviews to find the lawyers in our area that are good child custody lawyers. I found a few different reviews sites that had real reviews from clients that had hired them. After looking over the reviews, I found one to call. I explained my situation and they wanted to make arrangements to meet with me.

I met with my lawyer the other day to give them the paperwork my ex-boyfriend’s lawyer sent me. They said they would be able to help me out and make the arrangements the way I wanted them. I am hoping we can come to an agreement on something. I hated to have to hire a lawyer, but I felt it was my only option. I am glad I searched for information so I could hire one that is good to help me. Since hiring this lawyer I have also heard great things from others that I know who have hired them.

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