Have you ever made your dog a treat made out of sweet potatoes? When people first hear about this, they are a little confused. First of all, there are some natural foods that dogs should not have such as strawberries, but sweet potatoes are actually a vegetable that is extremely sweet and safe. You can cut them into slices, bake them in your oven, and they can chew on these because they will be similar in texture to jerky. They will have a unique flavor which humans all know so well, but dog seem to absolutely love them.

Are They Good For Your Dog?

Some of the ones that have come out of China have been proven to be not so great for your pet. They have also produced treats that are a type of chicken jerky, having the same type of effect. The symptoms could be anything from kidney problems to simply having a bad stomach ache. Therefore, if you want to use them, only by from American companies, or make them on your own in your oven. The primary benefit of providing these for your dog is that they are very high in fiber. They have very little fat, and they contain manganese and B6 which is going to give them a lot of energy. It also contains beta-carotene which is a natural antioxidant that can keep their vision, as well as the rest of their body, much more healthy. This will give them better skin quality, and also help with their hair. However, it needs to come from a reputable company or you need to do these yourself.

Why Are They Popular?

The primary reason they are so popular is because of the owners. They understand all of the benefits associated with these treats. Just make sure that you are getting them from Dreambone company that has rave reviews, or you learn how to make them yourself.

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