After an intense workout or weight-lifting using foam roller the right way is a great way to treat muscle stiffness and pain. It can even prevent muscle pain and stiffness from occurring later on following an intense workout.

It is important to do foam rolling the right way in order to get the best results. When doing foam rolling exercises, you will be doing what is called self-myofascial release. This is a process of applying pressure to various parts of your body in order to create a release that relieves pain.

To do the exercises correctly, be sure to invest in a good pulseroll foam roller. It should be a good size to take care of the areas you want to prevent pain. Low back pain rollers are used very often, but these same sized rollers can be used for the legs, as well. If you are doing the exercises in your gym, you can get specific pointers from a trainer.

The choices for foam rollers are many and varied. The key is to find one that makes you feel comfortable for the exercises you will be doing.

When doing the exercises, you will find that there are spots where you will feel pain. This is where you should go over the roller very slowly and relax while breathing. These are the spots that need the most pressure in order to release the pain.

Once you do these exercises, you should notice that your range of motion increases. This is the aim of doing foam roller exercises. You should also check with your doctor before starting a regimen just to be sure you do not have any serious muscle issues that need to be addressed beforehand. Most people will be able to use the foam roller without any problems.

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