Why should you consider an Onsite Caravan as a holiday home option for your family? Families need to consider their options when looking at holidays. Do you go on expensive overseas trips staying in resorts or staying in hotels across Australia? Caravan Park holidays are an affordable holiday option that is thoroughly enjoyed because Australia has a beautiful natural environment

There are Caravan Parks all across Australia that have regular Caravan sites, tent sites and a large amount of them also have Onsite Caravan sites. These are Caravans that are allowed to be left in the Caravan Park all year around. It’s fantastic for families that want an affordable holiday home which they can have available throughout the year.. Compared to hotels and overseas holidays, Caravan Park holidays can be great for kids and the family. From time to time these Caravan Park may be an onsite caravan for sale and this may be a good opportunity to investigate buying your own affordable holiday home.

When comparing the different holiday options, consider some of the key benefits of Onsite Caravan holidays.

Social Aspect

Caravan Parks create an environment for a lot of social contact. Families are staying close by each other and this create an atmosphere of getting to know each other. If you consider onsite caravan for sale you will become one of the owners and Onsite Caravan owners especially like to get to know each-other. Children can also be a easy way to break the ice as they may already be playing with other families children.


An Onsite Caravan can accommodate large families and friends. Onsite Caravans can have a room with bunk beds for many children and living rooms that have space with fold out sofas. An Onsite Caravan has great outdoor entertaining areas that can accommodate up to 8-10 guests. This will create a fantastic opportunity to host friends and family. In hotels it can be difficult to enjoy with children. Hotels may not have family rooms and offering connecting room may not be ideal if the kids are small. Booking several rooms can also push the price up considerably.


Hotels can be built on busy roads to attract the passing traffic and offer good connectivity for business travellers. This is not ideal for children if they are wanting to enjoy the surrounding areas. Consider an onsite caravan for sale as Caravan Parks are quiet zones with speed limited of 5-15km per hour, basically cars can only slowly crawl through the park and children take priority.

A lot of times there are onsite caravans for sale in the quiet area of the Caravan Park. Less guests moving in and out. In these quiet areas children can make friends easily by riding their bikes or scooters around the park grounds.


One major expense on family holidays is food. In hotels, guests are forced to eat in the hotel restaurant or at nearby restaurants every night. This can add up quickly especially if there are two child meals added to the bill each time. An Onsite Caravan will have a small kitchen that can be used to prepare the family meals. Even better barbeques are really popular for Caravan Park holidays and this will reduce the food expense by a lot.

Water Entertainment

With the constant influences of internet on children it’s hard to get them to easily disconnect. If you are considering onsite caravans for sale, one key benefit you should keep in mind is most Caravan Parks have both pool and beach entertainment for kids.  Kids love water and enjoy having fun in the water with friends. Some large modern Caravan Parks even have water parks, these areas have a wide variety of slides and sprinklers to get your kids excited. They even have soft ground material for running and potentially falling kids. Water entertainment is a guaranteed way to get them away from the devices.


Julian Rembrandt has spent the last 10 years in the hotel industry across Australia and Asia. Permanent Onsite Caravans have been around for many decades but the knowledge about how to make the right purchase decision has been limited. Julian helps to educate people on the best ways to go about owning an Onsite Caravan. Julian Rembrandt owns and operates Holidaylife.com.au, a listing site for Onsite Caravan for Sale.

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Onsite Caravans are sometimes forgotten as an affordable holiday home option. Onsite Caravans for Sale are located all across Australia and there many different sizes and quality levels to choose from.

In general family holidays can be expensive, overseas trips with a family of four can add up to $4000 just on flights and then accommodation costs will be added on top. Australia has wide open space and thousands of kilometers of beautiful coastline. Caravan Parks have been an affordable holiday option for Australian families for decades. For an overview here are a number of different accommodation types that Caravan Parks offer;

Un-Powered Sites

Many people come to Caravan Parks with the idea of enjoying the great outdoors with their family. What better way of doing that by camping in a tent with the kids. Un-powered sites are a simple site to set up your tent and they do not provide any electricity. They are the cheapest option in a Caravan Park.

Powered Sites

If you bring your own Caravan to a Caravan Park then a powered site may be more suitable for you. Caravans need electricity for lighting, cooking, and general running of the caravan. You may even want electricity if you are staying in a tent with your family. Perhaps you will have some lighting and portable cooking equipment.


For more comfort and convenience, cabins are the perfect option. More expensive than the unpowered and powered sites, but offer a larger and more relaxing accommodation option.

Onsite Caravans

One of the forgotten accommodation types in a Caravan Park is the Onsite Caravans. Many Caravan Parks have areas dedicated to Onsite Caravans. These Caravans are based permanently long term in the park and the owners can come and use their Caravan throughout the year as they wish. This is a great option if you are looking for a place where you can take the family on weekends and holidays without the hassle of calling and asking for availability in the park and paying expensive nightly rates.

Initially, you will need to buy the Caravan. Then there are ongoing costs, such as a quarterly rental cost you will need to pay to the park management for the site that the van sits on.  If you maximize the time you spend in your Onsite Caravan and use it frequently throughout the year you will save money compared paying ad-hoc nightly rates. The risk for a family is the commitment of yearly ongoing costs. If the family does not utilize the Onsite Caravan enough then the yearly costs will be a burden and perhaps the investment was not the right choice for the family.

You may consider looking for Onsite Caravans for sale and see what the purchase prices are. It really depends on the location and quality of the Onsite Caravans. If you find an Onsite Caravan for sale and you like it, there are a few things to consider.

Is the Onsite Caravan for sale the right size for your family? It’s good to make sure that there are enough beds for your entire family. Also consider that you may have visitors who would like to join you on your weekends away, make sure you factor these in.

Where is the Onsite Caravan for sale located? Is it near your home, best to be not too far away from your main residence (2-hour drive is ideal). To make the most of your new holiday investment you will want to make sure its not a hassle to get to.

In terms of price, Onsite Caravans for sale in NSW near Sydney will be the most expensive as this is the largest city and highest income level in Australia. Onsite Caravans for sale in QLD and Victoria are not as expensive as Onsite Caravans for sale in NSW.

Benefits of Onsite Caravans

Children Friendly

Caravan Parks are a child-friendly environment, and over time children can make strong friendships with other children staying in the park. While in this day and age there are dangerous aspects to consider in major cities and even now in suburban areas, parents can feel quite relaxed with their children playing in a Caravan Park environment. Children can ride their bikes around the park without the danger of fast driving cars. Typically the speed limit in Caravan Parks is 25km per hour and children are a priority. Strangers are not allowed into the park without permission and access to the majority of parks is via a boom gate where identification is verified.

Outdoor Activities

With the internet and our mobile phones taking now so much of our time, outdoor activities are becoming less of a priority. Kids are absorbed in their iPods and phones and have forgotten that there is some much to enjoy in the great outdoors. Holidays in a Caravan Park can teach children and parents how to disconnect.

You may never have considered an Onsite Caravan as a good option for your family, I hope we have shared some information with you. Good luck in your Onsite Caravan search.

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Karye Carney,  Broker Associate at Holiday Homes

Longtime St. John Realtor, Appraiser Joins Island’s Oldest Real Estate Firm

Holiday Homes of St. John is excited to announce their newest real estate agent, Karye Carney. Carney’s name is a familiar one on the St. John real estate scene. She got her start selling real estate on island in 1988, working with a few firms before eventually buying one of her own. In 2013, Carney founded Sold on St. John, a web-based real estate business where she aimed to build relationships with potential clients before they even set foot on island.

Then, in 2017, Hurricane Irma struck the island of St. John, and in its aftermath, Carney and other local real estate agents found themselves together at the Holiday Homes office at The Marketplace, one of the few places on island with limited generator power and internet.

“We all found ourselves supporting one another and working together,” Carney recalls. “I realized I really missed having a support team and I felt like Holiday Homes has a great energetic crew who can lead the charge and provide a backup system, allowing me to focus on what I do best—listing and selling.”

Carney brings with her a vast bank of knowledge pertaining to local properties, a perfect addition to the oldest real estate firm on the island. Holiday Homes was founded in 1960 by the late and beloved Sis Frank, who retired in 1972 to focus her efforts on founding the St. John School of the Arts. For the past 58 years, Holiday Homes has been the leading real estate company on the island. The firm’s agents and brokers have worked with developers, homeowners, and visitors, and they helped found the St. John Board of Realtors and the St. John Multiple Listing Service.

Holiday Homes broker Abigail Schnell-O’Connell shared her excitement at bringing Carney on board.

“We’ve been presented with an incredible opportunity for growth as we continue serving the real estate needs of all our clients with the highest quality of service,” Schnell-O’Connell says. “As we transition into our new home on the first floor of the Marketplace, we are expanding our energetic team, technology, and marketing.”

Carney’s decades of real estate experience and her role as one of the few licensed appraisers on island has acquainted her with countless properties from Cruz Bay to the East End and everywhere in between.

“I’m familiar with most all of the properties on St. John,” she said. “I can help my new team members with the history of the homes.”

Holiday Homes recently moved into their brand new office on the first floor of The Marketplace, across from Starfish Market.

Press Release by Andrea Milam

Over 200 of the UK’s leading caravan, motorhome and holiday home suppliers are set to take to the SEC in Glasgow from the 7th – 10th February 2019 for Scotland’s largest exhibition. Read on to find out more!

Whether you’re looking for a family home from home to start holiday traditions or hoping to discover the hidden gems of Scotland while on wheels, the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show has everything you need to plan your next getaway, from the latest caravans, to cool campervans and state of the art motorhomes, all under the one roof.

The options are endless for where your next purchase may take you with the country’s leading manufacturers and dealers on-hand to guide you with fantastic show only offers and discounts!

As well as the best selection of models, visitors will get access to the best advice with lots of holiday parks on site, as well as the major clubs and associations on hand to provide information on holidaying across the country.   Popping up within the show will be a range of outdoor tents and camping accessories for pitching-up at your next destination.

Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show

For visitors who haven’t tried touring before, for the first time there will be information on Motorhome hire from show sponsors, BC Motorhomes.  The Caravan and Motorhome Club will even be offering free tuition for towing caravans and manoeuvring motorhomes with 20-minute taster sessions* – perfect for first-time tourers.

Jamie Taylor, Group Show Director, said “We’re seeing more and more people opting for staycation holidays or wanting to make more out of their trips. Staycations give holiday-goers a lot more freedom to explore their surroundings and be spontaneous with their plans – many can just nip in their motorhome and be off on their next adventure at any time of the year.

“It’s a terrific way to travel both locally and abroad. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer or a motorhome fanatic, we have everything you need to make your next trip one to remember.”

Find out more about the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome & Holiday Home Show.

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Vacation Rentals and Holiday Home Rentals – “Tips For Renting”

This is not something many people think about when booking a vacation in the Caribbean nonetheless it really is some thing more, and more of North Americans are thinking of. Once you arrived at the aspen, you search for relaxation, privacy and only a luxury. It is possible to find all of the in aspen house rentals, therefore why select for an hotel? Yes, there are a few amazing hotels around, but nothing beats the spacious, seclusion of an exclusive beach house, villa or bungalow. Florida is among United State’s blessed countries concerning beaches and hotels. The Florida Keys are magnificent, thus making it probably one of the very favourite spots to look for Florida Beach aspen house rentals in case you are looking for a house where you are able to stay for a temporary or long term live. The increasing dependence and insatiable demand for New Zealand house rentals are evident from the newest research on the rental market.

The best way to locate excellent luxury home rentals in a certain place is always to be certain they’re legitimate. Likewise there are a good quantity of aspen home rentals in every country, and you also have to assess if they’re providing rentals.Learn how to convey your preferences by being aware of what conveniences the aspen home rentals provide. Furthermore, you must list down all the characteristics that you’re searching for in luxury home rentals. Please include the following swimming pool, wi-fi, hot bath, in-home sauna, security, maid and chef service, cleaning service, petfriendly and excursion package. Home rentals are a refuge and an excellent place to stay for vacation. It gives you a lot of comforts and additionally solitude at the same moment. They do not have to require the hotel services that will help them get through the vacations. They have the entire home to themselves in case of dwelling leases, plus it offers satisfaction.

A shrine was installed in Aspen for the famous people by visitors and interested parties, to show honor to those people who have expired. These individuals, both dead and alive, are quite definitely the reason Aspen is indeed fascinating for individuals, along with this skiing. The delight of potential “rubbing elbows” or capture a glimpse of these makes causes Aspen to be more of a mecca to visit compared to one other ski hotels. To organize an aspen ski house rental during Christmas in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado at essentially the very elegant of skiing accommodations is really a plus in anyone’s hat. If someone books this resort, over any of them within the xmas holidays, the “Shining Mountains” can create dreams develop in the wildest of imaginations. Among the better wineries, art shops, along with Mexican cuisine can be found at San Miguel De Allende, and aspen ski house rental are likewise quite affordable.