Protesters have braved a downpour to rally against the takeover of a Victorian burial park, whose operators are being stripped off their lease after 21 years.

The Anglesea Beachfront Family Caravan Park was ordered to deliver its rental when its current term expires in December 2017.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee, which oversees Crown land on behalf of this state authoritiesand will take over direction of this park.

GORCC ran a tender process, but given the tender to itself, citing failure to find a acceptable proposal.

Says that the choice makes no sense.

“The process to get for this conclusion was faulty,” he told AAP.

Concerned community members rallied on Thursday in favor of this playground.

Mr Morris said his family built the company up from a campground to an award-winning four-and-a-half star accommodation.

But they were being advised to remove their assets.

“We have got a rocking cushion that is six months old and cottages that are largely between three and seven years old,” he said.

“nobody wins out of the.

“They say they have strategies, where are the programs?”

GORCC says that an independent probity check had discovered its negotiation process “reasonable and fair”.

Tender offers had showed up a “possible multimillion-dollar net revenue shortfall” within the life of this 21-year lease.

Inject a investment bundle and GORCC guaranteed to keep the park, according to a statement on its website.

Additionally, it vowed that license holders or no people would be disadvantaged through the changeover, and it had been committed to maintaining employment.

“We’re convinced the new model will see improvements to this playground that will see benefits to people, tourism, tasks and also the broader community,” GORCC explained.

Opposition environment spokesman Brad Battin encouraged that the state government more than that which he promised was an tender process, to step in.

“If I had been anybody who had a company on Crown land, I wouldn’t have faith in this government that they are not going to come in and steal the business. It’s effectively what they are doing,” he said.

The government was contacted for comment.

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