A family continues to be left spinning following there is a vacation playground placed to create £43 make money from the caravan their terminally sick loved one by promoting it usedto own – dead.

When she was simply 41, of an incredibly intense brain tumor Woodcock, who perished, resided in London in a-mobile house.

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Kelly Woodcock’s household have now been left spinning after finding a vacation playground is placed to create £43,000 gain promoting her caravan after she perished

The previous ballerina invested 000 about the house 3 years previously £43 000, and an additional £7 .

Nevertheless when she perished in Nov her household weren’t certain how to proceed using the caravan.

Playground Vacations UK who own Fresh Holiday Park informed the household it provided 12,500 for that house and had first-refusal.

Kelly’s cousin Donna Nettleship stated: if we didn’t occupy the present we’d have 10 times to obtain it “They said.

“With all of the suffering we went right through they’d us.

“They might have tossed cents at us.”

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The 41-year old ballerina perished after she caught an incredibly intense brain tumor

Family got £8 and chose to market the caravan again to the organization.

So that they were terrified once they noticed it in the selling price of £54,995 – almost £43,000 more on the site Gumtree than the organization purchased for.

Donna, who’s lifestyles in Folkestone and 60, stated: “It’s wretched. I couldn’t after I noticed the advertisement think it.

Angry. They’d us plus it was known by them. They simply desired to point their wallets.

Just like these were so chilly “I feel.

Sad. They understood she was sick since when she first transferred down there I informed them.”

SWNS:The West News Assistance

The household were terrified once they observed the home marketed on Gumtree for £43,000 significantly more than they offered it for

The advertisement has been removed Gumtree but Donna believes they ought to offer a motion of goodwill to the household.

She stated: conduct sickening from the playground having a multiple-million-pound return.

They haven’t got pursuits that are people’s in mind, simply their revenue.



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“It could be bad if it had been somebody who wasn’t sick, but it’s a whole lot worse to create cash out-of her demise.

“They must have had a little of sympathy towards us like a household after everything we’d experienced.

“I’m not inside it for that cash however it could be good to consider it’s eliminated back again to the household in the place of lining their pockets.”

Developed “the toughest type of mind tumour”, stated Donna.

Therefore tentacles increased “It was a tumor. They attempted to obtain it out once they reduce her mind start however they couldn’t plus they informed her she would die.”

Donna explained her sibling as “so stunning and saturated in life.”

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Kelly was a ballerina on luxury cruise ships before she created the uncommon and deadly situation

SWNS:The West News Assistance

After Kelly perished in Nov her household weren’t certain how to proceed using the house and offered it to Playground Vacations UK for £8,000

She stated: “She was therefore everybody and type might warm to her. She’d do something for anybody. She’d a lot of friends.

“She didn’t wish to die.”

A Playground Vacations UK spokesperson stated : again to the playground is just a fast and simple method to get rid of a vacation house resource.

“However, it’ll be improbable to understand the greatest price for that holiday-home.

“The amount provided by the organization to get a buy purchase that is back is a reasonable representation of the worthiness towards this holiday-home at that one moment’s playground.

“The time of the amount of need year and also the park’s present stockholding will play a role in identifying that worth.

“When this specific vacation house was re-promoted available, the cost mirrored not only its retail price, but additionally numerous extra comprehensive products for example 12 months’ message costs, and energy, gasoline and water costs – usually settled individually – for that arriving year.”

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