It’s no secret that people love decorating for the holidays, particularly with the standard red, green, along with tartan plaid. But today, Aniko Levai is allowing us into her house for a glance at just how she decorates for the holidays with a bohemian touch. In the new greenery into her tassel tree, then  she’s completely convinced us with her one-of-a-kind style to update our holiday decor. Keep reading to determine where Aniko discovers her special bits and her information for holiday decorating on a budget.

When do you begin decorating for the holidays?

I like to begin decorating for the holidays right after Thanksgiving. Typically my home is completely decorated with the first week of December.

How do you decorate? Can you stay with the identical colour scheme every year?

I have been using different colors plot each year for the longest time, but last year’s decoration was just so close to my heart that I pulled out the same specific decoration from past Christmas. I added some red pops into my decor here, however, I kept the exact same woodsy, BO-HO, comfy, warm style as previous year.

How do you prioritize budget-wise when it comes to decorating? It could be so hard to justify the money when it’s so meticulous!

I am a budget shopper, and I dislike to squander money. I try my best to DIY, repurpose or reuse things from all over the house. By way of example, I made my simple banister new green garland this year working with a couple of different new green branches out of my garden, and I think it turned out more economical than the one I could buy in the shop. Winner!

Where can you shop for holiday decoration?

Locally I like to See Target along with HomeGoods for greatest finds. I also like to browse the net to score fantastic deals and unique items around at AllModern, Wayfair, along with Etsy.

Do you have any traditions that are unique to you?

We like to perform Christmas Countdown every year. It’s a wonderful family activity, and that boys are elderly (eight and six years old) we can include entertaining and cool holiday tasks to our countdown schedule. I also prefer to make my very own, fun, DIY calendar for every season so it’s extra special.

Do you have any tips for our subscribers who might live in smallish apartments (and on a budget) and are not always able to decorate to their heart’s desire?

Think simple and shop your own house! Do not be afraid to rearrange chambers — I do that all of the time. Also attempt to change small things, such as pillow covers. Pillow covers can be so cheap but could bring into a brand new vibe into the space. And remember — much less is more!

Can you have a favorite Christmas movie? Why is it your favourite?

I just love Christmas films. Home Alone, The Polar Express and a Lot More. Christmas comes but once a year, and I can’t wait to enjoy pleasure Christmas movie marathons with my favourite men and women. Merry Christmas!

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