A couple’s horror at the Grenfell Tower firing has directed them to provide their holiday house to victims of this inferno.

Annabel and Ian Lichfield, who operate The Jolly Holiday Lease in Whitstable, say they expect families will gain from soaking up the peace of their calm retreat that is two-bedroom and enjoy exploring the area’s unique shops.

“I was just horrified and in a state of disbelief about what occurred at Grenfell and it was especially close to my husband Ian’s heart as he was a firefighter for ten decades,” said Annabel, 49.

Annabel and Ian Lichfield out their holiday rental

“It is too terrible to imagine what happened to the residents and the tower block only looks like a graveyard now.”

The few have joined the Grenfell Tower Holiday Appeal set on Facebook, that was set up her buddy Kay Gilbert, along with from Angie Mays, from Ilfracombe, Devon. Hundreds of holidays have all been offered to Grenfell households all around the united kingdom and abroad, for example in Spain, France and Cyprus.

“I saw something on Facebook on a Grenfell family enjoying a day out and there was a hyperlink to the holiday appeal. I discussed letting out our holiday house with my husband and he just said ‘go to it’,” said Annabel.

The Lichfields’ holiday lease is at Vicarage Gardens, while the few reside off Belmont Road, in Wicketts End.

The Grenfell Tower in fires. Picture: @Natalie_Oxford

They settled in Whitstable after working and living in the Middle East, in which they were both utilized in sports event branding, an area in which 53-year-old Ian is included, while Annabel concentrates on the business.

The group say they have been bombarded with support from companies who want to assist this fire’s victims.

Staines Farm Shop at Whitstable High Street will be supplying a fruit basket for guests, while the Co-op at Oxford Street has been donating a breakfast pack, the Pearsons Arms in Horsebridge Road is donating a coupon for beverages and bar meals along with the East Kent Hotel in Oxford Street provides a cream green.

Vases of flowers will be set around the house, full of fresh flowers from Jane at Graham Greener at Harbour Street.

Annabel stated: “When the companies heard what we were doing they wanted to help. The support has been overwhelming.”

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