That is what holidaymakers may be asking themselves after seeing The Castle in Bonnie Doon on accommodation-booking website Airbnb, the very same vacation house made famous from the 1997 classic film, The Castle.

Guests are assured “the chance to return in time and capture memories you will want to keep and ‘take straight to the pool area'”.

“You Are NOT Dreaming,” the listing promises.

It comes only as another famous house from the 1997 film is scheduled to go under the hammer in Strathmore this past week.

The Castle in Bonnie Doon’s Airbnb hosts, both Mel and Ang, said that they have guests travel from around to remain together.

“Others may often arrive just to have a look and cease to take photos,” they said.

“We continue to get a buzz from the response guests have if they visit The Castle in Bonnie Doon, and now we can not wait to share it with more people — it’s just the vibe of the thing”

You don’t have to tell them they are begging — at least $200 each night, supporters of the show is going to have the opportunity to live just like the Kerrigan family.

You may go boating in Lake Eildon and cast a line out in search for trout, redfin or carp.

Mel has constructed a “pool area” back for extra guests.

“The door … will require you to the backyard where you will get a pool table with a twist,” she explained.

“We have had loads of laughter and fun, putting it to the test, definitely my ‘IDEAS MAN’ favorite”

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REAL ESTATE: Story about demand for holiday homes

John Collis, a Sydney based investor, that has bought a number of apartments on the Gold Coast due to the excellent rental yields. Picture: NIGEL HALLETT

INVESTORS who have holiday houses in Queensland are more prone to reap the financial benefits this summer with new figures revealing strong demand for the prized beach shack.

Lured by the promise of capital profits and a constant revenue flow through the share economy, agents are now seeing an increase in investors seeking to the shore as occupancy rates increase during the peak period — and sellers will also be seeking to profit on the increase in inquiries.

LJ Hooker holiday supervisors in Currumbin on the Gold Coast reported an occupancy rate of 98 per cent on the Christmas/New Year peak, together with nine out of 10 bookings coming from domestic travelers.

“We have 85 per cent of our holiday rentals reserved for the next Christmas and New Year season,” LJ Hooker Currumbin principal Alex Passos stated.

It is better only south of the boundary from Byron Bay and Kingscliff, at which 100 per cent of homes and apartments the group manages are rented for the holiday break.

“Depending on where you reside in Brisbane, you can be at Kingscliff inside one hour, which explains why it’s such a favorite option for purchasing a holiday investment,” according to LJ Hooker Kingscliff principal Paul McMahon.

“For many holiday home purchasers, it’s a significant investment.

“They need to reevaluate the returns around the Easter and Christmas period, once you’re able to make half your yearly income, so that they avoid staying there at those peak intervals, and rather opt to go to and enjoy their investments out of those intervals.

“Averaged over a year, we aim for 65 per cent occupancy.”

Taking a family beach stroll

December and January are busy times of the year for holiday home buyers. Picture: iStock.

December and January are often active times of the year for holiday home buyers that unite their annual leave with procuring a new property.

Based on LJ Hooker study, affordability is your major priority when it comes to picking a holiday rental.

But holiday houses may bring headaches like ongoing maintenance and cleaning expenses, management fees and the volatility that accompanies investing in coastal economies.

Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia QLD representative Zoran Solano cautioned buyers not to get caught up in the holiday hype.

“It is definitely a phenomenon we see affecting the marketplace while individuals are on holiday,” Mr Solano stated.

“Try and maintain that enthusiasm, but perhaps not take action at that time of season — head back in winter.”

Mr Jordan Williams of Kollosche prestige agents in

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast is a favorite holiday destination. Picture: Mike Batterham.

Mr Solano, who’s a buyer’s agent with Hot Property Buyers Agency, said coastal land markets were famously volatile.

“Although we are seeing a great deal of positivity round the Gold and Sunshine Coast markets, historically people niches do ebb and flow a good deal more than capital community economies,” he said.

“I do still think particular investments in those coastal regions are insecure and higher risk.”

Mr Solano said beachside houses frequently required more care and there was a risk of other holiday makers’ bookings Running hopes of a spontaneous weekend away for the house’s owners.

But when your heart is set on a holiday home from the water, he counsels buying a home in a complex with plenty of amenities and which can generate a consistent rental yield.

Mr Solano suggested looking in regions that had a life outside of tourism, for example Main Beach and Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

“We are seeing a great deal of activity in Broadbeach and watching a tiny decrease in the appeal of Surfers Paradise,” he said.

“About the Sunny Coast, you can not go beyond Noosa. It is a place where we’re seeing a great deal of opportunity.

“It is someplace that is consistently top of mind to global visitors and globally has a profile as well.”

Kollosche Prestige Agents managing director Jordan Williams stated the holiday letting company on the Gold Coast was going gangbusters.

Mr Williams said demand for rentals from high profile, high net-worth people was particularly strong, prompting he along with his business partner to prepare a boutique holiday rental division this season for exclusive, high-end houses and apartments.

Mr Jordan Williams of Kollosche prestige agents in

Jordan Williams of Kollosche Prestige Agents in Surfers Paradise. Picture: Mike Batterham.

“We have people calling us willing to pay $50,000 a week for some residences,” Mr Williams said.

“We find a lot of our high net-worth clients that are looking for executive holiday rentals are out of Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore.”

Mr Williams said Broadbeach Waters, Mermaid Beach, Isle of Capri and also Paradise Waters were widely popular destinations.

Aerial shot of Broadbeach Waters. Photo: Chris Bas

Broadbeach Waters is a good place to put money into a holiday rental. Photo: Chris Bashall.

He informed investors considering buying a holiday home on the Gold Coast to search for something new, facing east or north to the water and having an occupancy rate of around 80 per cent.

“You also ought to have the kayaks and other small bits and pieces to guests.”

Sydney-based property buyer John Collis owns numerous holiday units around the Gold Coast and is about to settle on another five components in a block of eight apartments in Surfers Paradise.

Mr Collis said he did his research prior to buying the possessions and made sure they could create returns of between six and eight per cent.

“The goal would be for me to purchase a few apartments per annum for the next five to six decades so that way when I relocate Sydney when I eventually retire, I’ll have a terrific lease return,” Mr Collis said.

“Using Sydney, you are paying double the price for the same yields, and as you don’t receive the capital increase to the Gold Coast which you do in Sydney, the marketplace there’s starting to ease up so that I presume investing on the Gold Coast and getting an eight per cent return is very great.”

REAL ESTATE: The view from the unit at 3346 Chevro

The view from the unit at 3346 Chevron Renaissance, which has only been bought as an investment property.

In a time when family members make the most of collectively owned holiday houses, buyers are also being cautioned to establish the rules of engagement for the employment, management and maintenance of a shared investment land.

Raine & Horne executive chairman Angus Raine said it was essential for all parties to consent to a lodging schedule for the holiday home to manage peak intervals, as well as responsibilities for maintenance and cleaning.

“Several weeks like Christmas and Easter, which is only 12 weeks away, are more precious than others, but by choosing a common-sense strategy, it’s likely to visit a solution that is appropriate to all parties,” he said.


Suburb Median Asking Rent 12 month change


(Resource: LJ Hooker Research / CoreLogic)


Suburb Median Asking Rent 12 month change


(Resource: LJ Hooker Research / CoreLogic)

The ideal Reverend Dr Alastair Redfern has detailed the way sex trafficking gangs are currently using the tourist destination in the Midlands to execute their business that was inhumane. The victims are mostly women from Eastern Europe lured to Britain with the promise of a “better life” from the catering industry, but are instead forced into prostitution, ” the bishop said.

“Organized inmates bring vulnerable women in and then use a cabin for business. They remain for four weeks and earn a whole lot of money,” that the bishop informed the Derby Telegraph.

“All they’re paying is rent. But they’re in secluded locations, and before anybody realises what’s happening or becomes questionable about whatever, then they’re off to some new place and they take the women with them.”

Redfern stressed that the threat the “vulnerable” sufferers are operating, because they’re also plied with medication.

“She is offered drugs as that’s another means to exert control. She becomes addicted and then begins to lose everything,” that the Church of England bishop said.

“I’ve fulfilled a sufferer residing in London that has been raped 10 times each day. They have lost their dignity, dropped their purpose. The guarantees they’ve been offered are broken up. This is occurring in Derby as well.”

In 20 people residing in a house in Normanton were recalled by Redfern to share.

“Their own humanity was pumped out. They are broken and their capacity to consider these is extremely weak. They are living in dreadful cramped states,” he said.

“Bank accounts are opened in their titles, but they haven’t any idea. They have been signed up to positive aspects, but they’re not getting a cent. While the sufferers are operating daily for any money, the controllers and the owners are receiving all of it.

“This is really a structured and serious criminal business enterprise.”

Redfern, who’s lobbying to toughen laws on trafficking in the House of Lords, has commended the work of Derbyshire police in handling slavery and human trafficking from the county. He cautioned that the trafficking is an increasing outbreak.

Redfern called to the public to consider telltale signs.

“For people it’s difficult, as it is quite usual to find groups of men get into a car and drive around to get work. It happens all the time. Nevertheless, the public needs to look closer. Are they all leaving exactly the same residence? Is their demeanour distinct?” That the bishop said.

Holiday homes from the inland Peak District have been turned into sex brothels, as stated by the Bishop of Derby. He asserts the scenic countryside is now a hotspot for “dreadful” sexual abuse.

Caravansérail is a gorgeous bilingual bookshop, cultural and gallery area Situated in London’s Brick Lane, that  supplies an excellent aray of all adult and children’s names in both French and English. Head there to locate your new grab and read a java surrounded shelving by amazing publications and art. The shop front is spectacular (the blue is indeed inviting and striking) and their signage and branding is magnificent.

Co-owners Laura and Anne have hosted events including writers, musicians and artists, cementing themselves as a heart within the area since opening in September 2017.

There’s something for everyone in the shop, from the assortment of fiction that is translated — a focal point for Laura, or a curated collection of titles selected by a chef.

We caught up together with Laura and Anne and asked them several questions:

1. Congratulations on being chosen as our February Bookshop of the Month! We have talked a little on the shop and you but how can you describe  Caravansérail in  words?    
A house for vehicles.

2. Where is your favourite spot in the shop?    
The children’s nook! A place to escape and shield in the city’s buzz. A perfect spot to read, not or whether you are with children.

3. Where do you like to read?  
Anne: in the wilderness! I used to live around Canada’s West coast and also my favourite spot has been that you can access from train. A heaven lost between forest, mountains and river. Comfortably seated on the porch of a cottage, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, a book in the other… and not too far off a bowl of freshly picked blueberries. Sublime!
Laura: nothing beats the mixture of reading and fireplace for me, wherever it can be.

4. If you were not a bookseller what would you be?  
Anne: aside from Caravansérail, I’m running a artist residency and an artists agency. Supporting and encouraging emerging artists’ work is the definite of those three activities.
Laura: I’d probably be doing some thing in publishing.

5. Excluding Caravansérail — what is your favourite bookshop?      
Anne: that I really like surfing the beautiful bookshops from the Quartier latin in Paris — a day well spent!
Laura: without hesitation Daunt Books, Marylebone.

Are Available at:
5 Cheshire St
E2 6ED

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