My neutral Christmas dining area has lots of mixed metals, paper glass, and glitter, which seems great with my dark blue partitions. Next step in our holiday house tour in 3…2…1…

Hello folks! Back this week to take you on a tour of the dining area, straightforward but decked out for Christmas. I’ve already covered for you the entryway and kitchen on Monday, and the living room will probably be after this week!

Christmas dining room decor with copper mugs

If you’ve been around this site for a while, then you understand that even having to decorate for the holidays is sort of a new target accomplished. As I mentioned Monday, my loved ones did Christmas early due to travel programs, so the pressure was on for me to find all of the decorating and shopping done ahead of the holiday season. On the bright side, that added pressure had the house done in time to edit and reveal all of these pictures before Christmas — therefore win-win, correct?

dining room Christmas table with copper accents

There have been several times with half-painted cupboard doors within my living area or a air compressor in my living room¬†¬†where I never thought I’d get to the point. Merely to show you that reality is not exactly in my rear view mirror only yet, here’s the dining area only a week ago:

couch sideways in the dining room corner

My previous couch is awaiting its future using a new owner, however this isn’t exactly conducive to hosting a celebration. I was able to squeeze just enough spare space at the garage for it, so it looked just a little more cramped.

small dividing wall between living and dining rooms

My point is, simply, that I felt a true sense of excitement this past year with being in a position to have my loved ones over and revel in the house with me. I’m still attempting to find out precisely what to paint on that white picture, so in the event that you have some ideas, please share.

dining room decorated for Christmas

Tableseting closeup I love my aluminum mugs. Pretty much any aluminum accent. I re-used the leaf chargers in my autumn decor but REALLY regret not purchasing a second set of four. I scoured my regional Homegoods and TJ Maxx already, but it wasn’t any use. Should you chance to find another set if you visit yours, please allow me to know! I’d love to grab them.

nicole miller confetti plates

The glittery aluminum plates are also from Homegoods; Nicole Miller is the brand. Aren’t they pretty? I learned my lesson though and certainly got enough! I intend on re-using them at my small New Years celebration, also.

I snapped all of these photos just as my family came through the front door. Thank god they are utilized to me taking photos of everything around me and are fairly great sports. I’m really hoping that they’re going to appreciate that bit of overkill someday, when we’re all wishing we had captured them (or they’ll only remember my shutterbug customs with a annoyed fondness… either/or).

my first year hosting Christmas dinner

The living room decoration will be the final stop in your house tour, along with another post regarding the actual recap of this dinner. If only because I can not resist from posting lots of images from all our crazy dogs…

Stella at Christmas

This week’s post program is sort of topsy-turvy with additional posts because it has only raining photographs on the market, so you are in luck if you want to continue scrolling. I’ll have a fresh cross stitch pattern for you tomorrow and a couple more articles this weekend in a bid to get everything posted.

Phew. Christmas is crazy packed this season! What’s still in your to-do listing?

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